PAPA- I am the Lion King

No wonder I have been obsessed with this band lately after reading their bio on their official site I came to realize they are as inspired by New York City as I am and the feel of their music really reflects that of New York, high energy, high intensity and intense passion. Here is a excerpt from their official site I thought was interesting:

He moved to New York to study literature and the artists he idolized. “There seemed to be something different about the artists I loved who we’re living in Manhattan, or inspired by the city. When I think about these artists – whether it’s Patti Smith, or Jackson Pollock, their work has this kinetic energy, this insatiable curiosity, a journey with arms flailing about while the legs move steadily forward. That was the kind of art I was always interested in making. I took note of the way The Clash loved New York and American culture, and how they infused it with their energy to become ‘the only band that mattered’ and that was what I wanted”

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