Why Listening to Bon Iver is Like Having a Rough Hangover

I like most Americans love my beer and like most music enthusiasts I love Bon Iver. Although both if consumed in excess can feel you leaving feeling helpless and empty. Lets develop this theory going just off the album, For Emma Forever Ago and compare it with a solid night out with friends.

The second Flume comes on, the first song on the album, it is really relaxing to listen to and it’s the perfect way to unwind after a rough day at work. It is just like taking that first sip of Guinness after a long week, refreshing, relaxing and everything seems just fine.

As the second song comes on, Lump Sum you really start getting into the groove, you begin to let the music consume you just as you would the happy light feeling that comes after a few drinks. Your still feeling okay but this is the point where you can either begin to think about slowing down and call it a tame night or you can get another drink and see what happens.

Skinny Love comes on, the point in the album when you feel your best, it is one of the lighter songs on the album. It is like that point when you are the best drunk you can be and you really should stop but you feel so good you have to keep going.

Then……The Wolves (Act I and II), this is the turning point, when you go from being extremely happy, relaxed and calm to….well thinking about life. This song makes you feel empty and hollow inside. It makes you feel lonely and its just a tough one to listen to but at this point it is too late to go back. You’re in it for the long haul. The moment when you cross the line from happy drunk to (insert the worst kind of drunk you can be) it is too late to go back, the only thing that can sober you up is time. I know when I get too drunk I get really reflective which is the way the rest of this album makes me feel.

The album finishes and it leaves you feeling anguished.

Just like that terrible hangover the next morning.

You question why you listen to it, you question why you drink.

You swear off Bon Iver, and you swear off the beer.

Never again….
(I can’t tell you how many times I have said those words)

A few days pass and you remember how amazing For Emma really is, and you remember how much fun you actually had that night out.

And you end up going out for drinks again and reaching for that Album just to experience it all again.

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